Powerball jackpot nears $1 billion ahead of Saturday drawing

The Powerball Hits $900 Million Approaches Unicorn Status Ahead of Saturday’s Drawing				
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The drawing will be held at 10:59 p.m. ET Saturday.

The winning Powerball numbers are 32-16-19-57-34 and Powerball-13.

In addition to correctly picking all five "regular" numbers, players must also guess a sixth "power ball' out of a pool of 26 numbers in order to win the jackpot".

Cripe said the final size of the jackpot was $949.8 million, the largest lottery prize in history.

In New York state, cash registers were ringing up Saturday morning sales of Powerball tickets at a pace of $1.7 million an hour, officials there said.

It hit $700 million on Thursday after nobody won on Wednesday night - the 18th drawing without a victor.

The odds are one in 292.2 million, which means you're really, really, really unlikely to win. If there's no victor, the prize is projected to top $1.3 billion in Wednesday's drawing.

The Florida Lottery reported tickets selling at a rate of 42,000 per minute in Florida.

According to officials, though the ticket sales have been brisk, only 75% of all possible six-digit combinations have been selected. Two lucky Powerball players split a $587.5 million jackpot in November 2012.

"If I win, I'll write you a check for $1 million", he added. Mathershed didn't buy any tickets for himself, citing the low likelihood of actually winning the jackpot. California and Pennsylvania exempt lottery winnings from income taxes if the ticket was bought in-state.

The Powerball victor would have the option of being paid $900 million through annual payments over 29 years, or you could opt for a $558 million lump-sum cash payout.

"Put it this way, you don't have hardly any chance of winning". "We said, 'Let's have a little fun".

The draw is played in 44 states, as well as the District of Columbia, the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

According to Lakes when you have your tickets drawn separately it chooses the number separately and prints the ticket, so you get a wider variety on your numbers.



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