Golden Globes: NBC is NOT Streaming The Awards & Neither Is Anyone Else

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Corinne Foxx keeps it chic in a black jumpsuit during the 2016 Golden Globe Awards preview day held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on Thursday afternoon (January 7) in Beverly Hills, Calif. So, with our Golden Globe predictions out there, we will just have to wait and see what happens during Sunday's telecast. She did not get the Golden Globes love previous year, but has gotten it with the Emmys and Oscars.

For best actress in a drama the nominees are Blanchett and Mara for "Carol", Brie Larson for "Room", and Alicia Vikander who plays alongside Redmayne in "The Danish Girl". He added that he'll do it about things they've done, not about things they can't help. The Carlow-reared star has been known to wear Irish designer Simone Rocha's creations in the past, we wonder if she'll be rocking an Irish designer on the night? It will be one of the few times we see a live entertainment program that is not time delayed for Mountain Time.

The Oscars' red carpet ritual is rigidly controlled by an army of press reps and security guards. This can lead to delightful memories such as Julia Roberts's drunken red carpet moment.

The red carpet is being rolled out and readied for a parade of Hollywood's finest to stroll through to the stage, including funnyman Ricky Gervais, who returns to host the event for the fourth time - his first time taking over the gig since 2012.

On the television front, two series nominated for a Golden Globe are creating a buzz - "Mr Robot", about a computer programmer and vigilante hacker, and "Narcos", Netflix's take on the infamous Medellin drug cartel. This gives us a chance to see actors - who memorize lines for a living - ramble, stammer, and sputter their way through the live proceedings.

The SAG Awards are chosen by 157,000 working actors. That creates an opening for "The Big Short", which mixes comedy and tragedy, the type of combo the group has been drawn to over the years.

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Golden Globes: NBC is NOT Streaming The Awards & Neither Is Anyone Else

The stars pull out all the stops for the annual ceremony with an array of couture fashion and the ceremony seems to attract a slightly more fun approach to award show dressing as opposed to the Oscars, which tends to be a bit more traditional. She definitely makes OITNB a incredible show, so show her some love Golden Globes 2016!

Unless: Those special edition "Steve Jobs" iPhones that HFPA members have been expecting suddenly arrive in the mail.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association celebrates the 73 anniversary of the award-giving body that recognizes excellence in both television and movies. Ricky Gervais was on the Conan O'Brien show talking about his own hopes and expectations this year as he will be hosting the awards after a three years long hiatus.


Who do you think will win tomorrow night at the Golden Globes 2016? Since it's been a while since Gervais hosted the show, here's why some people fear the British comedian more than your average host.

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