Redlands home investigated in connection with San Bernardino shooting

San Bernardino shooting 2

The location of the shooting has been confirmed to be the Inland Regional Center, a state-run social-services facility that helps individuals with developmental disabilities. Rocha caught part of the gunfire on cellphone video.

San Bernardino, California, police Chief Jarrod Burguan said the dead suspects are male and female. One suspect has been shot and killed, and one suspect is still at large.

A SWAT vehicle was seen directly outside the residence, inside a perimeter that was set up authorities. An officer was injured in the shootout, but his wounds were not considered life-threatening, Burguan said.

Lt. Rich Lawhead of San Bernardino police said he was not aware of any threats to the center before the incident.

Police serveda search warrant on a home in Redlands, California, in connection with the deadly shooting at a social services facility in neighboring San Bernardino.

"These are people that came prepared", the chief said. "We should never think that this is just something that just happens in the ordinary course of events, because it doesn't happen with the same frequency in other countries", Obama said, according to CNN.

One more person was seen running from the scene of the shootout, and was later detained by police.

They burst into a conference room, which was rented by the San Bernardino Health Department for a banquet for its employees, and started shooting.

David Bowdich, the FBI agent in charge of the investigation, said terrorism was a possibility and had shifted the investigation to reflect that, but was not yet ready to call it a terrorist attack.

UPDATE 9:50 p.m. EST: San Bernardino County public records reveal a person named Syed R. Farook was employed by the health department as an environmental health specialist, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Loma Linda University Medical Center, the closest hospital to the shooting scene, is treating five adult patients who were wounded in the shooting, according to Briana Pastorino, a hospital spokeswoman.

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